Volunteer Sign Up

Thank you for visiting. We will need volunteers for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday prior to the event, and Sunday the day of Watchfire. Please complete the form below, and we will reach out to discuss in more detail.

Watchfire Volunteer opportunities

Food and Catering (Team lead - Rick Keyes keyesrick@gmail.com)

• Coordinate Food vendors, manage supplies, cleaning

Fundraising (Team Lead – Rick Keyes keyesrick@gmail.com)

• Procure merchandise for resale

• Manage sales tent

• Manage raffles (50/50)

• Manage Donations

Security & Medical (Team Lead – Dick Searing rjsearing@gmail.com)

• Crowd control

• Communications – manage radios

• Liaison to police-fire-ambulance

Fire Preparation site maintenance (Team Lead – Russ Oakes CNYBassMaster1970@yahoo.com)

• Help guild fire pit

• Load retired flags onto fire

• Cleaning and maintenance

• Grounds cleanup prior to the event

• Grounds clean up after the event

Marketing and Communications (Team Lead Bill Burdick – wdb@wdburdick.com)

• Print media development

• Social Media

• Custom merchandise procurement

Music and Stage (Team Lead Dick Madden - rmadden002@twcny.rr.com)

• Stage setup

• Coordinate music and MC events

Motorcycles (Team Lead Manny Falcone - manny.falcone@gmail.com)

• Motorcycle club and individual riders

• Coordinate donations

Parking (Team Lead Barry Lippencot buck53@vsubtphoto.com)

• Layout parking

• Parking attendants


Team Lead Mark Shearer MarkShearer41@gmail.com )

• Pickup flags in the community

• Coordinate flag delivery to the event

• Prepare flags for disposal