About Us

Who we are... WHAT We Do… 

 The CNY Veterans Recognition Foundation (CNYVRF) is an all-volunteer organization created in 2016 to provide our military members and their families the support, dignity, and respect owed them by our Nation for their commitment, sacrifices, and selfless service in preserving the freedoms we all enjoy.

CNYVRF accomplishes this by generating revenue through various initiatives. Our revenues are used for supporting our programs in safe and respectful environments.

 Since our inception in 2016 and subsequent recipient of IRS 501(C) 3 status, CNYVRF, Inc. has evolved to offer Veteran recognition events and guidance to critical life-sustaining services for veterans and their families in Central New York. Now, more than ever, the need is constant and growing in alarming fashion with so many veterans returning home. We are certain that the recent news of delays in getting services through the VA, that these brave and heroic men & women face upon their return, will further impact the need for program services within our organization. Below are the programs the Central New York Veterans Recognition Foundation provides.